Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies Need A Different Oven Setting!

Mmmmm it’s fall so it is time for baking and while it is true that making a smarter cookie of the eating kind will require some oven adjustments, this title is actually a metaphor. Gifted children are offered special services in most school districts. If your child is a high performer or seems to grasp concepts easily, talk to his or her teacher about testing for gifted services. The process may involve several assessments including things like surveys of you or other family members about the child’s interactions with you. Of course, many of the assessments may also include an IQ test of some sort. So how do you know if your kid is gifted with intelligence? Well there are some signs like the ability to read a novel in a small amount of time. (Hint – if you are amazed every time your child says “FINISHED!” after you hand her a book, this is for you.) There is also the Y-Trait. No not that Y, be careful not to assume that a boy will be gifted and a girl will not – sexism be gone! But rather “why?” as a trait. If the age of three is long gone and your child still ponders this deep question with you at every turn, consider gifted testing, like yesterday. And then there is one of my favorites – the boss – sexism be gone again! If your son or daughter exhibits behavior whereby he or she seems to feel a need to be in charge or directing the situation, this may not be simple childhood obnoxiousness. He or she may need to engage in projects that stimulate that leadership gift. One final note, gifted and talented comes in many packages, don’t dismiss the abilities of your child in areas like visual art and music. Those other talents may require different types of support but they are just as valuable. Well, I don’t know, music may be in another stratosphere. More on that in my next post.

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