Note To Self

Friday afternoon and evening are usually my time to unwind and focus on my family. This week I am trying a little something different. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am still going to enjoy my peeps but I’m taking a few minutes to get some of the manic out of Monday. I am writing myself a note and putting it in my bag.

The note will go something like this – “Dear Sister T,” See, I need to start with an affirmation of my cultural background. I am a sister first. I recognize that I am because we are and whatever I do in this life must be guided by that principle. Then I’ll continue with “Take a moment to celebrate that last week you…” I will think of at least three things to celebrate about this week of working for my eating. They may be as complex as getting more practice on Python or as simple as laughing at myself when I made a mistake. Doesn’t matter, come Monday, I’m celebrating.

Next, it will be “It’s ok that ____ did not go as you had hoped.” Let me be totally real, 100 and funky with you – work is not an ideograph. It means what it sounds like it means. Work does not care if you are doing what you love. It does not care if you don’t feel like dealing with implicit bias. It is work. There will be times when I don’t hit the mark as well as I would like. There will be times when it is tough. I will acknowledge that and be thankful if Monday comes and I get the chance to try again. Not everyone will get that chance.

I’ll move on to “the work you are doing is important because…” I will clarify my intentions, focus on why my work matters and whom it helps. Next up – “This work week will be great because you will…” I can already think of something I really must get done next week to make it feel like a productive week. Can’t you?

I will end the note with “Don’t forget to do ___, _____, and _____ with your family and friends.” I will plan for three things to do with my loved ones during the week because – I love them. Like a Stevie Wonder “As” kind of love. And because I know that, like Monday, my ability to show them love another day is a gift, not a guarantee. Enjoy the weekend folks and enjoy your peeps. And for those of you who will start your weekend on Monday, these are what we might call transferable notes, change the day and keep it moving. 

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