Coal Hatch

“It’s like a coal hatch or something but I think she used it for mail.”

Coal hatch is groaning. Sooooo
tired of people putting mail and news in her.
Swings her door hoping someone hears.
Yearning for yester years.
Point of View
Beautiful black hue
Coal hatch is moaning. Sooooo
sick of homeowners insurance and coverage.
Files a complaint with the foundation that he should have given that money to
Black lady so she could pay for her operation.
Not to the basement walls for their waterproofing.
Tears will flow regardless.
No job no yes cut the walls
Coal hatch is broken. Sooooo
confused by the new plan.
Black lady took care of floors and walls and yard and hard nosed family.
But bank did not take care of black lady.
Men some maybe two maybe one
Come to claim stake
They break and break and break
Now walls have offspring
Each spring new ten tenants
Coal hatch thinks. Soooo many people under the roof now.
How will we keep them all warm.
But all they ask is that coal hatch remain silent.
She does. They broke her. But sometimes Blue man still slips her mail and news.
Coal hatch sings Black lady gone but her name lives on.
Coal hatch burns Black lady bills that will never come due.
Coal hatch remembers Black lady’s got a house tune.
Coal hatch giggle and coo. Just like new.

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