For Alina

Anger rose like the morning sun with clouds of disgust and a sky of disbelief.

The friends and family all felt its heat and one by one they showered themselves in cool sadness to begin the day.

Her eyes radiated from the horizon saying goodbye and sparkling a gorgeous ray for each of her loved ones. 

Her hair covered their paths in luxurious chocolate waves making each one glossy and whispering “walk on.” 

A simple kiss touched their hearts fanning love through their souls and calling them to one another for comfort.

They gathered. Arms reached for hugs. Legs shuffled to seats. Eyes filled tissues and handkerchiefs with memories. Ears stood ready for answers to one simple unanimous question, why?

Disappointment filled the air with humid regret and a thunder of lamentation. 

It rained heavy and straight for the girl. Family and friends gathered under the downpour and formed an umbrella of strength.

Her light-footed bouncing dance made puddles and splashed them with tenderness. 

The girl skipped around them until they caught her rhythm and sang for her journey. Songs heavy with the weight of so much left over love. 

She departed but left them echoes of laughter and resilience. 

They breathed. Hands opened for shaking. Feet tipped upward for tall embraces. Shoulders found heads to hold. Family made friends and friends made family. 

Together they will love her forever. 

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