I Miss Libraries

So I’m not one of those people who are all learn a new skill, lose 20 pounds, and write your novel while we are self isolating. I love my home and I (like so many other latch key kid souls out there) can find plenty to keep me occupied all by myself. But, I realized today that there are some things I miss. So I decided to make a gratitude list of stuff I miss and libraries were at the very top. I know folks have their major search engines nowadays but I like libraries. They each have such unique signatures and collections. Until we can all go get lost in the stacks again, I’m going to check out a few cool places online. Thank goodness librarians, archivists and curators are so ahead of the digital game! Here are some recommendations:

I’m thankful for the people who have introduced me to so many amazing resources throughout my life. I am especially grateful for my very first librarian, my mom. She kept me in records, books, and fun games. I still remember the day we got the last portion of the World Book Encyclopedia set. A-Z and it was fascinating. I would lay on the living room floor and just jump from subject to subject loving the glossy pages and awesome entries. She would have been 71 this week and I plan to celebrate a little each day by visiting these sites and seeing what I think she might enjoy. Here’s hoping others enjoy right along with me.

May you be blessed.

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