Repass for the Black Lady

They know it is a woman’s funeral.
There is a particular silence on the wind.
And a simmer in the “she’s in a better place” that you know is coming to a boil any second now.
Sad and hurt gather on the couch but can’t get comfortable because angry squeezes between them.
Love and gratitude stay in the kitchen trying to keep regret from messing up the greens with her tears. 
Needs and wants prop the door open so each lonely can come on in when they arrive. 
Fear and stress head upstairs to put away all her good jewelry before greed rolls up in his Cadillac talking about how we should pray for her.
Tired rubs his eyes and looks in the bedroom to see where sleep went only to find that Lady beat him to it.
Responsibility gets tissues for the other guests and tells them it will be alright.
Regret can’t help herself and after she ruins the cornbread she decides to go get some air.
She pours herself a drink and takes it out to the porch 
Where she sits waiting for the wind to pick back up.

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