I was five and they didn’t care
They all said she was fine like John Coltrane
They all said she was fine I mean really fine
Like Bonita Applebum
With cocoa locs of sun dipped hair
I sat in the chair and watched them stare
They said she was full of sugar 
Like candaaay
And could spit spice
Curried woman
They wanted kisses that made them feel like they were somebody
And hugs that wrapped around the globe and made them feel
They wanted to feel full
I thought she wanted to feel free
I found her… rough, honestly
Nose tilted to 2 o’clock
Backpack slung down low
Her hips stiffened when she looked from the side of her eye
Almost like she’d rather be invisible
Or that they would be blind
Like she wished they would let her walk on by
Like she didn’t want them to tell her to smile
Like she was not fine

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