Aunties Are Also A Parliament

Spoken Word Piece Inspired By My Drawings Here

5 responses to “Aunties Are Also A Parliament”

  1. Oh, I love that last line!

    — A quiet auntie

  2. Reminds me of Southern aunties, including their use of words.

  3. Oh my word!!!Hooowl did you do this?!lol!This is what I needed this day!It made me nod in reassurance and scream with recognition and delight.Such a treat and inspiration sis!!With love..Ruth

    1. I did listen three times @Jane King. Truly inspires, I would like framed and hung or in print so I can self evaluate from time to time.

  4. Amazing poem. The rhythm and rhymes are are at once simple and complex. The choice of words are exact. There is an immediacy of both present and past in the expressions the poem makes. A good poem requires many visits. This one beckons.

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