Making Time for Antiracism

Only so many hours in the day…

I know we are all so busy. I was thinking about time today and here is what I found. Math+History ahead!

17,520 hours – the number of hours Kalief Browder spent in solitary confinement before he was released. That is the same number of hours he was able to stay alive after his release due to PTSD from the physical and emotional abuse he endured in Rikers.

43,800 hours – the number of hours my son has been alive (roughly). At somewhere around his 40,000th hour, a day care worker threatened to call the police on him for being rambunctious. Then she staged a fake police walk through with a relative of hers who happened to be an officer.

61,320 hours – the average federal sentence for controlled substance charges (you already know this but half of the people in federal prisons are there for this). That’s 7 years.

569,400 hours – the number of hours convict leasing was reported to participating states (1868-1933). What’s that?

2,154,960 hours – the number of hours chattel slavery was used to create the upper caste in the United States. Brooks Brothers, USA Today and Aetna are all companies that are still profiting from chattel slavery’s cash flow.

61,320 hours – did someone say cash? That’s the number of hours the kids for cash scandal went on in PA. Judges were convicted of selling kids to prison systems for kickbacks. They did this for at least 7 years.

912.5 hours – the average amount a person spends on social media each year in the U.S.

12 hours – the amount of time it takes an average speed reader to get through a book on the history of racism in the U.S. like Caste or 400 Souls.

1 hour – the amount of time it took me to calculate these things.

We can find time. Right?

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