Introducing The Carolyn Memorial Library

Founder Tahirah Walker with her mother, Carolyn Ayesha Brinson.

Opening August 31, 2021

Black Book Lady is so excited to begin lending materials to people who share our love for literary art and culture. As we navigate the pandemic and come up with ways to collect items we think you’ll like, we will start with a virtual system that highlights a special 4/12 collection. 4/12 is a special number. For Pittsburghers, it’s the area code that connects us. That is one of the main goals of this library, Black Book Lady and all the other T.J. Walker Company offerings. We want to provide thoughtful and inclusive connection. 4/12 was also the birth date of Carolyn Ayesha Brinson (neé Beverly). She was a woman of deep grace and resilience. Every year she lived was a gift she celebrated with gratitude and a passion for learning about the world around her. In honor of her and her decision to make Pittsburgh her last home, we will offer 4 musical selections and 12 books to borrow. Membership details are coming soon. The Fall Collection can be viewed below.

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