wonder woman

Hey there Wonder Woman
May I have a word?
See I am Bambara Womun
And I have noticed some

Things I need to say
I asked you to save
Me Too
and I could actually see your
invisible plane

It hovered. You stood on top. The soles of your boots were
so clean.
And I waved but you did not see me so
I have
Things I need to say

I see you took my shackles
and turned them into bracelets of victory
You are a wonder for sure.

I see you took my keloids
and turned them into tiny weaponized earrings
In them you are the picture of femininity.

My sister is Beautiful Womun.
She said you told her it would help if she
bound herself
with your lasso of truth
But when she spoke true you sent her to the back of the line
accused her of competing unfairly
“Oppression Olympics” she recalled your words
and yet she remained bound.

My other sister is Brave Womun.
She said you asked her to travel far
and help you fight
But when it was time for her to go home
You would not let her wear the sandals of Hermes so
She walked across the sky of Themyscira
with children at her breasts.

I am also Bitter Womun
My manner is tough
My life has been rough

I hear you are godly but
I have watched you walk past the color purple in a field and
see only green so
I don’t know.

I am Big Womun
You can count on me through thick and
I hear you bet your bottom dollar
and won the sun but
I got the gibbous moon at best.
more often the half and
this doesn’t seem a fair reflection so
I don’t know.

I am Bayou Womun
I bounce/banga/best beleevah
I hear you planned to join me
in the crossroads
intersection on your lips but
I see my perseverance, fibroids, telomeres, and 3 jobs confound you so
I waited on the scene for you to claim and defend
your title of welfare queen but
instead you laid it at my feet and kept shouting

I knelt to pick up my pride and noticed Eshu
pointing me to Mamiwata
who pointed me to Ida B
who pointed me to Kimberlé
who pointed to me and told me to sing

I opened my throat and
say my name say my name was the only note I could play


  1. Wow!! The pouring of painful history into poetic prose, Black girl magically. Woman Woman should be humbled to be in your presence. She would be overshadowed by your glow. Your history is too heavy for her to carry. In lieu of knocking her from her pedestal, you have created your own throne…

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