So…About This Short Bio

Sometimes I really want to write a raw truth short bio

Tahirah is a Newark native who has never found a city like home and never found her way back.

Tahirah feels really weird when people read her bio out loud before she speaks or does a workshop or whatever.

Tahirah has a PhD and needs to get her sh*t together about having people call her Dr. Walker because she earned every single dot it takes to write those doctor of philosophy initials on anything. And because she’s a Black woman. And she should know better.

Tahirah is an aspiring fashionista who recently started wearing orange with confidence. Her work can also be found in coral, hot pink, bubble gum pink, and Virginia family reunion lemonade yellow. She is currently accepting sun donations.

Tahirah is an avid reader of a lot of Black literary luminaries including people like Kiese Laymon, Deesha Philyaw, Brian Broome, and Yona Harvey. She grew up on Gloria Naylor, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Terry McMillan, Spike Lee Joints and Essence Magazine. As you might expect, she likes Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Sade, Maxwell, Luther, and dem. She also really likes Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, JJ Fad, and Young Thug. If you are not sure how to get her to engage, try talking about Whitney Houston. This is a failsafe.

Tahirah is working on her masters in no longer judging her emotions. She thought she had one semester left in the program but the directors keep changing the mf rules.

Tahirah is an Olympic gold medalist griever.

Tahirah once tried to call herself TJ on something she wrote and her mom sliced her in two pieces with the black edge of her right eye. She currently goes by Tahirah Joyce.

Tahirah is a Pittsburgh survivor.

Tahirah is a wordsmith. She frequently works with curse words as bumping hammers and teeth sucking as tongs. You can view and purchase her metalwork on an imaginary ass Etsy shop.

Today I landed on…

Tahirah Walker is a writer and a teacher, creating her liberation story in the Pittsburgh, PA area. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. Her passion is celebrating the accomplishments and everyday lives of Black womxn and girls. Tahirah enjoys books, books, music, books, and her beautiful supportive family. Tahirah’s dream is to have an epic block party where the DJ plays dope music, memoirs, novels and poems.

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