I Quit Twitter

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I don’t know if this is really *it* but, I just had to hit those deactivate buttons to see if and how they change me. Much of this was influenced by a Robert Jones Jr. talk I attended in June where he unpacked some of the health tolls that and other forums were taking on him. I hope that amazingly kind and gifted soul is well. I sure love his newsletters!

I also began to think of Twitter as feeling somewhat like an amusement park. I would say like a running of the bulls but I have never been to one of those so I’m going to speak on what I know. Amusement parks are fun for fleeting moments but for the most part they are a lot of heat, hearing bad takes while you wait in lines for the fun stuff and getting bumped by people who don’t care about the fact that you are actually another human being. Well, there’s also that thing where you aren’t quite sure which costumes do indeed have humans inside them. Sometimes your heroes disappoint you. Sometimes you disappoint your heroes.

I was spending way too much time agonizing over whether my Twitter connections would stay connected and actually like what I was tweeting about or whether my thoughts were tweet worthy. The structural toxicity on the site was too much for me. For some folks, it seems they know when to step away and so it doesn’t affect them much. Others seem to just be observing. I admire those folks and I’m glad they can watch the show. I am not like that and my previous behaviors on the site were difficult to abandon. I joined in 2012. Ten years seemed like a long enough time to me. I will miss the new connections I made there, especially the book people – sad face emoji. I will have to find another way to signal boost the important work of people who volunteer to help find the millions of missing persons out there. And I will miss the handful of people I know IRL who could share dream space there – tear filled eyes emoji.

My phone says I’m probably going to save somewhere around 3 hours a day now! What will I do with this extra time? Nothing, something, anything. Absolutely nothing and whatever I want. I got to leave Twitter on the high note of Beyoncé’s Renaissance release. So I’ll take with me the inspiration I had during my last days there to spend my extra time being cozy, comfortable in my own skin, loving on me, born free.

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