Manuel and Delphine 2

He landed a minor role. She thought tv would be a dream.
The come true part was where she had to descend to Earth. All the stars were

But they felt cold and feeble. Where she was always warm and strong.
She knew he wanted to perform, entertain. He had the face for it. He hustled in it. She knew she was a performer and entertaining. It came naturally to her and she enjoyed being asked but she could not enjoin herself to Hollywoodland shenanigans so she resigned.

And did what she did best. Be. She would just be. And he fell madly and deeply in love with who she continued becoming. A helper a healer an energy.

He landed a role that went from minor to major. Her power turned him into an engineer. He simply gave the show what he wished he was bold enough to have brought her at their first meeting. But his bravado dared not emerge before her. And having hidden so long it tiptoed out for the show where it found a welcoming stage. Where a bull could rage.

But at what expense?

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