Manuel and Delphine 3

He had always wrapped himself in California blue
Ocean Sky Denim
Smiled to match

She worried watching the business change him into a different kind
Moon Coal Azure
Stone to protect himself from hurt

He made his show a hit week after week and line after line
He told her he was happy with the success and saddened by the way the part seemed to gumbyfy his sense of self
“Where am I?”

She slipped her index finger through his belt loop and choreographed her body to his as he arrived on set for the next season
“With me.” And she fixed her eyes to his until she knew he knew he would always know he was never alone.

A director very much intrigued
Cast her rounding a mouth around her name and apologizing upon cutting her scene but it was so so so o kay
Her favorite actor was wrapping himself in a more bluish grey these days

A subtle, steely grey edge like the bottom of a ship he’d once seen waiting in his hometown harbor.

She taught him to wrap himself in Black.
Leather Oil Onyx Night Raven Deep Her Infinity
And in doing so in speaking so in loving so giving him strength

Until a role came along that would speak freedom art heart art

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