Purple Rain for me

Is the magnum opus for which I want a magnum opus.

The soundtrack prophecy fulfilled and recognized by my mother mere weeks before she laid down her life

For me

Prince Rogers Nelson April 21, 2016. My Mighty Mother May 11, 2016

I would die for you was enough before a web of blog posts ever existed to hold my young self together. Validation existed in the transition. Only a star could die for you like that. And only a star who would die for you like that would have the purest intentions.

Purple Rain for me…

Has always been about God. Or Jesus and God. Or Issa, upon him be peace. Upon him be rain.

It has always been about wondering what happens when someone is hoping for a purpose as pure as that.

Prince gave me so many moments to prove this. To prove myself.

I really did want a leader.

I’m still not sure I have made up my mind.

Purple Rain for all of us is brilliant because it is about God. Or love. And if the music wasn’t enough for all of us, the movie… My God. The movie seemed to reach hands out and pull up so many who missed it.

Has always been about wanting to see someone shine. And to see them enjoy it.

It has always been that I noticed the lights on a perfect stage are a steady shower of reds and blues that make a performer seem delighted to be there.

Not white heat light making a performer respond with cold stare. Not yellow boozey light making a performer respond with sober snare. Not low are you there? Performing. Are you even really there?

Only ever wanted to see you laughing in the.

Perfect. Purple rain lighting. The kind that will shine all week now whether it snows or not. The kind that loves you enough to want nothing else but your happiness.

Has always been eight and a half minutes of pure love.

And grief is proof.

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