For you who convert to love and be loved.

For you who knew what was unseen.

For you who mixed the love substance and danced the songs of Solomen.

I was there with you and oiled our covered heads

and hitched our baptismal gowns

and polished our stars

and inspected our meat

I know what it is to want love there in the bounty of the religious feast.

And wonder all along why nothing is working.

And wonder all along in each house of each God




Well. No.

The ligature marks fade when you


I don’t think of all the converting I had to do.

I drink my past ablutions


And whisper sorries through the seams of the spider webs


I’m asking the silk bubble bellied creatures to carry me.

The vocal trembling stops when you


I don’t worry on all the confusion I caused my spirit.

I drive through my roles in holiday pageants


And blow kisses to the manger mama through the window

so sweetly.

I’m asking her glowing afro to light the way to my redemption.

The closet releases all the way when you

say lover stay.

I don’t pretend being with him means I’m someone else.

I am still Mamiwata’s land and sea daughter.

I love God made me strange and queer this way everywhere every way

love it wholly.

You are whole holy.

For you who knew it was you who was unseen

Join bone and fiber to the ligament fire of faith lit deep.

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