Essays and Letters

Caste Last Night: A Long Shadow Read
A third standing ovation for Isabel Wilkerson's talk last night.
Armor So Heavy
It's time to rest and recharge.
Life Changing
Something amazing is happening. Not like I woke up and *everything* had …
No Really, How Does It Feel?
That time in the year 2000 when my sweet Beatle boy type …
Dear Issa M. Mas
I call this time my march to May. March to May. It's …
Observe, Describe, Participate: A Rejection Story
I have a difficult time processing (some) rejection. This time I tried …
Portrait of The Pandemic as a Grown Man
Something I drafted in January during the Omicron surge.
My Top 5 Books of 2021: Punch Me Up to the Gods
Punch Me Up to The Gods. A few words on being free.
My Top 5 Books of 2021: This Is Where We Find Ourselves
This is a celebration of a book that brought me smiles and …
My Top 5 Books of 2021: The Book of Tereneh
Dear Tereneh, Some flowers for you, sis.
Right Within Continued
Yup. I said there was more…thanks for clicking through to the end.
My Top 5 Books of 2021: Right Within
I'm still celebrating the books that slapped in 2021. This toast is …