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Danielle Inez Walker is an American producer, singer, songwriter, musician, teaching artist and audio engineer. Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood, INEZ grew up in a household of musicians. Her mother, an administrator at the University of Pittsburgh and father, a utility worker, met in high school marching band. INEZ credits her musical talent and work ethic as a testament to the hard work and love she was raised on and her family environment. 

INEZ began drumming at the age of 3, while watching and mimicking her father who played drums for their church. INEZ being the youngest child in a large family, was exposed to the music of her many caretakers (often her older cousins), leading an intense love of varying genres, including Jazz, 90s Hip Hop & R&B, Soul, Motown, Blues,  Pop etc. 

INEZ credits her maternal step-grandfather, a Detroit Native and VCR repairman, with her love of technology and audio. Spending time as a child at her grandparents home is where she was exposed to the music of Anita Baker, Quincy Jones, Sade, Whitney Houston and many others. 

As she rides the success of her debut project, Voicemails and Conversations, INEZ is often asked about her next moves. Her piece here on BBL addresses that and much more about the life of an artist. You can visit her site and shop at this link.