Poetry and Short Stories

Bird Ode
A tribute to some fascinating neighbors.
Psaltery Body
Working on redefining what it means to be well.
"My mother performed rites over me. Wrapped me in her wishes for …
First Wave Tears
Grief o'clock. I am writing through the worst season of the year …
A Fifth
A poem about a couple surviving addiction.
Man of Pine and Cedar
January 14th would have been my dad's 74th birthday. I hope he …
Flowers and Butterflies, A Rainbow Lives Beside It
A first draft poem on the fates of promises.
Sometimes I Wonder Where I’ve Been
What is there to sayWhen all you wanted was half a chanceTo …
My Top 5 Books of 2021: The Book of Tereneh
Dear Tereneh, Some flowers for you, sis.
Breedlove A Madam C.J. Walker Birthday Wish
A Madam C.J. Walker Birthday Wish
The Way We Pay
I'm working on a short story called The Way We Pay. It's …
Letters to Writers
I’m trying to be a writer.
Clear Mind Lacking Ceremony
Pining for love and finding it.
wonder woman
Processing the intersection.
Hunger and Thirst
A poem about the will to live.
To Yardstick
A poem about schooling.