40 Thoughts I Had While Watching Booberton

I mean Bridgerton. I found myself indifferent at times but generally entertained. After a while, I kept myself even more entertained by grabbing a notebook and writing down some of the thoughts I was having. I wonder how many people were with me on these? I will go back to reading an awesome book right after this post. But for now…

  1. Yes. But who is the town tailor? Cause whew men’s fashions on point!
  2. What in the Disneyfication is going on here?
  3. She is too statuesque for these regency gowns.
  4. The lighting on these gorgeous brown eyes! Please give the crew raises.
  5. So nobody is queer? No one?!
  6. Free the tiger stripes!
  7. Rubies in the Americas you say? Huh.
  8. Wtf did she just sniff?
  9. Baby blue, blah.
  10. Jewel tones on Kathani. YES!
  11. Anthony’s gait stay on the 2 and 4.
  12. Lady Danbury said “Iiiiim the only lady here still the realest ****** in the room.
  13. You still can’t tell it’s Pen? El, baby you smarter than this.
  14. Dear Mme Delacroix, you showin’ out in that sparkling black, honey.
  15. I could go for a piece of cake now.
  16. We still don’t have a solution to the pharma price gouging situation so, this could absolutely happen to poor people without epipens today.
  17. Wait. Are the menfolk also wearing wigs?
  18. Edwina, you in danger girl.
  19. Tell (clap) him (clap) Marina (clap)!
  20. Mmmph we so sanitary talking about mines, fabrics and lumps of sugar. Where they get that from? Let’s talk about the 1800s empire on which the sun never set, for real.
  21. Dear Queen Lottie, sell the jewels, feed the people. Oh but keep the wigs tho.
  22. We really can’t get a classical rendition of Brown Skin Girl in here?
  23. I waited all this time for *that* kiss? Come on, now.
  24. Oh wait rewind. I done fell asleep.
  25. Dear Black folk, we gon say Anthony however we want to say Anthony.
  26. Wait. Are we going to get at least one episode in India? I feel baited.
  27. Y’all haters corny with that promenade silence mess.
  28. I need a spin off about the Mondriches.
  29. Lines that should have hit different: “Meet me outside.” “I must stop.” “I’ve decided to leave the academy.” “You thought wrong.”
  30. Lines that hit right: “Do they not? DO they NOT?”
  31. Ok. I see y’all with the chemistry coming through.
  32. Wait. Where did those pillows come from?
  33. Aww dang did I fall asleep again?
  34. Anything but rain please!
  35. Let me iron these clothes for the week.
  36. Ms. Shonda, you know she needed Derek and Amelia Shepherd for this, right?
  37. Wait. Rege really ain’t coming back?
  38. Yeah. She did deserve better. They all did. Theo too.
  39. Sis hit that pizzicato so hard. Yes strings!
  40. Does that say Bad Vegan?

I really do have to get back to my books now.

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