You Should Write A Memoir

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
could be the first line
of every memoir
written by anyone

And the line would be written
to the author mainly
You always hurt the ones you love

And we all deserve a soundtrack
for some comfort I think
some proof of care and rigorous love
I think

You should write a memoir I can read
because mainly I’d know it isn’t just me
rescuing my life my grief from the deep cut b-side
synths of medical drama tv

And not that newfangled reality unscripted swing
Oh no I’m talking 1990s ER camera circling
Heads of Chuny and Haleh sweeping moving
Creating space for life over bodies where even
Even Mark and Kerry and Doug and Carol do nothing
It’s Peter and you…
Just this once you. Yes you shout CLEAR. You shock. And we are all listening.

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