Karena Dorsey takes the memoir genre by winter storm.

Read an excerpt of her forthcoming work here.

Karena Marie Dorsey was born in the United States of America in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up in the Homewood area attending schools in the community before earning her GED.

Through her writing she shares her experiences of growing up in a wild and unsettling environment at home and shares her journey to engage thought and spark a collective intention to do better than what has been. Her first book, a memoir, titled Wild Flowers, Orchards, and Men who pluck them will be published in the Winter of 2021 following a release of fiction, non-fiction and self help literature.

She is an artist in the beauty industry and a natural healer owning two growing businesses- Amma Company and Pretty Paisley. She believes in the power of nurturing purpose and renewal and that women have a special power in those areas.

Next to womanhood, motherhood is her highest honor. She gave birth to her 8 year old daughter and considers it a beautiful turning point in her life having awakened her to realize who she is. She is currently a student of Liberal Arts and Science at an institution of higher learning and intends to pursue a degree in midwifery. She can be found on Instagram under Karena.Estelle and facebook under Karena Dorsey.

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